Special Message from the PPWC: Thank you to all the frontline staff who are out there working, putting yourself at risk for the benefit of all workers, aged and immune compromised. You truly are heroes.

PPWC Protests Raw Log Exports

The PPWC organized another protest recently, calling on the provincial government of British Columbia to ban the export of raw logs.  Keeping raw logs in Canada would create and protect […]

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Joining the PPWC

Joining a labour union is one of the best and influential decisions a worker can make in his or her life. Unions like the PPWC have a long history of protecting the rights of workers, fighting for social justice and equality, and bettering the working lives of millions of Canadians.

Old Challenges, New Opportunities: The Story of the PPWC

A new documentary has been produced by the PPWC, which focuses on its proud history and its struggle for workers’ rights, environmental sustainability and social justice. Be sure to watch it in HD by clicking on the tiny circle in the bottom right corner when the video starts and then switch to 1080p HD.

For half a century, the PPWC has maintained its core principles through times good and bad. Predicting the slowdown in the pulp and paper industry in Canada, the union has fought hard to expand its membership to education, hospitality and health care workers.

At its most recent convention, members debated a move that would change the direction of the union forever, a new name that would symbolize its move towards younger workers in developing industries.

The documentary, directed by Sean Cain, was submitted to the Canadian Labour International Film Festival in June 2015.

President Arnold Bercov and PPWC Featured in New Documentary on Protecting BC Forests and Jobs

In Part 1 of this new 3-part mini-series explores the endangered old-growth forests of Vancouver Island. Despite the reality that less than 10% of the prime, low-elevation old-growth remains on the island, these forests continue to be converted into second-growth tree farms. We unpack what the loss of these forests means for biodiversity and for coastal First Nations. PPWC members are featured, and president Arnold Bercov speaks at 7:46.

See Part Two of the documentary here